Holiday in Maebashi and An-kan Min-kan( ホリデーイン前橋&アンカンミンカン)

Hello!  It's Yukichi.

Well, yesterday I took the staff to join the festivities of Holiday in Maebashi.  Unfortunately, it rained, but we met a lot of happy kids!

Oh, uh, um... I, Yukichi, represented BEA on stage... yup, me!  I was joined by An-kan Min-kan and we played a game and danced... oh, yeah!  An-kan Min-kan is a comedian group from the Yoshimoto company in Gunma! :)  They were pros!  Thanks to them we were a hit!  Thanks, An-kan Min-Kan!  Hope to work with you again soon!



そ、そしてワタクシ諭吉、BEAを代表してなんとステージも出ちゃいました(照れ)。ステージではアンカンミンカンさんと一緒にゲームしたり、踊ったり・・・あ、ちなみにアンカンミンカンさんは群馬出身の吉本芸人さんです(^o^)/ さすがは、プロの芸人さんです!!お二人のお陰でステージは大盛り上がり!!ありがとうございました!!またよろしくお願い致しまつ<(_ _)>