Red Cross Experience 赤十字体験談

Last week, Ms. S. translated for the Red Cross of Japan.  This year, several students from Jr. Red Cross joined the Mt. Fuji Program.  Two high school students from Singapore came to Gunma Prefecture.  Although they had a very busy schedule while in Japan, the two students wanted to come meet the BEA kids at BEA (They had become good friends with Ms. S. so she invited them, and they made time to do so).  The children learned about Singapore, played games, and as a gift the children performed songs using sign language and learned a new song in sign language with them.  It was a wonderful time!  Both students were surprised with the children's English ability!  When they learned almost all of the students are Japanese they were even more surprised!  "We thought they were native speakers!" they said.  It was not just the kids' English they were impressed with, but the way they handled themselves with all the different programs. Both students were nice, wonderful people.  We would love to see them again.  Lidia, Roxy, thank you for the fun time!  We would also like to thank the Red Cross for giving us the opportunity to meet them!


At Red Cross
In front of the Life Flight chopper at the Red Cross Hospital
We found Gunma-chan and Doraemon!!
We learned about SIngapore!